Main Maintenance Rules for corrugated plastic sheets Products

December 30, 2021
Latest company news about Main Maintenance Rules for corrugated plastic sheets Products
The application of corrugated plastic sheets is very extensive, but some details need to be paid attention to when using, otherwise the service life of coroplast sheets will be shortened.
1. The raw material of the turnover box made of PP hollow board has poor heat resistance, so the corrugated plastic turnover box made of PP material should pay attention to avoiding long sunshine exposure. The corrugated plastic turnover box of PP exposed to sunlight is very easy to aging, which affects its service life.
2. PP corrugated plastic turnover box is easy to deform. Therefore, when the cargo device PP corrugated plastic turnover box, attention should be paid not to throw from high altitude. The goods should be placed reasonably in strict accordance with the provisions of the goods stacking. They should not be centralized in a certain place in the box or eccentrically stacked.
3. The PP fluted board turnover box should not be thrown from high places to avoid damage and cracks caused by violent impact.
4. When PP hollow sheet is used in forklift trucks or manual hydraulic trucks in transportation engineering, attention should be paid to changing the angle only after the forklift thorn lifts the pallet as smoothly as possible. The fork should not impact the side of the tray to avoid crushing the tray and indirectly damage the PP hollow board turnover box and cargo. When the pallet is on the shelf, it must adopt the shelf type pallet. The load capacity depends on the shelf structure and can not be overloaded.
PP hollow boards produced by each factory have different physical attributes due to different production equipment, raw materials and processes. Friends who need hollow boards are welcome to call for consultation.